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Leviton SGI65-W Spec-Grade Sound, 6.5 Inch Two-Way In-Wall Mount Loud Speaker - White

Leviton SGI65-W Spec-Grade Sound, 6.5 Inch Two-Way In-Wall Mount Loud Speaker - White
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Product Description

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Product Features Color: White Mounting Location: In-Wall Mount Protection: AutoSurge Style: Leviton Spec-Grade Sound Style Name: Leviton Spec-Grade Sound Type: Speaker

Features and Benefits: Advanced Phase/Time Alignment Guide - While it's important to hear accurate stereo imaging throughout a listening room, the moveable or swiveling tweeters used by many in-wall speakers can actually cause more problems than they cure by deforming the speakers multi-frequency polar-response characteristics. Spec-Grade Sound uses a precise phase/time waveguide to properly align the sound without misaligning the tweeter. It's similar in concept to the alignment technology used in professional recording studio monitors, where sonic accuracy is critical.

AeroNylon Tweeter Diaphragm - A tweeter and a parachute share a common need: incredibly high tensile strength-to-mass ratio in order to perform. Spec-Grade Sound uses aerospace-grade nylon to achieve a near-perfect balance between extreme low mass and high tensile strength in its tweeter which is diaphragm capable of moving tens of thousands of times each second to faithfully track the most challenging musical transients.

Kevlar-Composite Woofer - A woofer must move in a perfectly linear isotonic fashion, possibly thousands of times each second, in order to reproduce critical low and middle frequencies. But to start and stop almost instantly requires a woofer that is exceptionally strong and rigid, yet very light. Kevlar fits the first requirement it is literally bulletproof, which is why its used for bulletproof body armor. The Spec-Grade Sound woofer, with its layer of tough Kevlar on top of a light, rigid organic substrate, is a high-tech compound solution. The Kevlar-composite cone is harnessed to a precision voice coil and magnet assembly and surrround by compliant, reduced-mass non-flame retardant rubber, to form a powerful, high-performance electro-acoustic motor.

Precision Dividing Network - An equal partner in sound, the dividing network or crossover makes the critical decision as to which frequencies are assigned to individual drivers, tweters and woofers. Spec-Grade Sound specifies high-order dividing network components and circuit design to ensure total audio signal electronic integrity right up to the last microsecond when that signal is converted into sound.

Built-In AutoSurge Circuit Protection - No one contractor, builder or homeowner - wants to deal witha dead speaker. Spec-Grade Sound takes a que from Leviton's leadership in the field of industrial-strength surge protection with AutoSurge protection built right into the speaker. Normally remaining in the background and out of the audio signal, the AutoSurge circuit activates only when a potentially damaging power peak is present, saving the speaker from damage. It automatically resets after the event.

Inert Mounting Frame with Dogleg Installation Points - With its powerful woofer comprising the heart of the speaker, the last thing the speaker frame itself should do is move as any transmitted vibrations can impare in-wall or ceiling sound performance. Spec-Grade Sound relies on a baffle-frame assembly incorporating high-density plastics to more effectively isolate the active speaker components and a series of adjustable dolegs to rigidly clamp the speaker to the wall or ceiling.

Mounting Location In-Wall Mount Crossover Network 2-Way Balanced Precision Protection AutoSurge

Dimensional Data Height 12.301 Inch/302.4 mm Width 9.00 Inch/228.6 mm Depth 3.20 Inch/72.5mm

Material Specifications Color White Woofer Cone 6.5 Inch Kevlar Composite Tweeter Dome .5 Inch AeroNylon

Performance Data Frequency Response 50-20kHz +/- 3dB Sensitivity 88.0 dB SPL at 1 Watt/1 Meter Power Handling RMS 60 Watts RMS Power Handling Peak 120 Watts Peak Impedance Nominal 8 Ohms/Minimum 6 Ohms

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