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Leviton HCCPG-1TW Multione Light Controller/Dimmer Lighting Control

Leviton HCCPG-1TW Multione Light Controller/Dimmer Lighting Control
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MPN: 222-HCCPG-1TW Brand: Leviton Connectivity: Wired Compatible Technology: X10/Domia 10 Country/Region of Manufacture: China Model: HCCPG-1TW

FEATURES • IntelliSense enabled • Create up to 64 whole house deluxe lighting scenes to create lighting moods • Program scenes for all scene capable DHC devices. Includes ON/OF control for non-scene capable devices • Remotely set addresses on all DHC 1-Way “GREEN LED” and 2-Way devices • Monitors light levels on all 2-Way devices • Access any of the 64 deluxe scenes from the from the Programmer front panel (8 at any one time) • Access any 7 of the deluxe scenes remotely using Leviton Controller, Cat. No. HCCS7 (optional) • Access any of the deluxe scenes using 16 learned Infra Red codes utilizing any standard IR Remote • Automatically turn ON/OFF lights at dusk and/or dawn (celestial clock) • Create up to 64 timed events or time clocks, which can reoccur year after year • Each time clock can be part of up to 8 time schedules and that enable the home “personality” • Real Time clock retains correct time, with accuracy of 15 seconds, in absence of power typically for 2 weeks • Celestial Clock guaranteed 15 minute accuracy for any North American (US, Canada, Mexico) locality

INTRODUCTION The DHC Toscana Lighting Appliance Deluxe Controller/Programmer, Cat. No. HCCPG, adds a new level of Scene Lighting capability to the DHC network. The Programmer is a compact unit that operates on 120V AC, requiring Line and Neutral connections and mounts directly into a standard 4 gang electrical box. It allows One Touch access to whole house deluxe lighting scenes from anywhere in the house using additional DHC Controllers. The unit normally displays the date and time on its Main Screen, and by simply pressing the applicable scene buttons, end-users can control their preprogrammed lighting. The Programmer can send commands to up to 256 individual lighting and appliance addresses. The Programmer provides the capability to program up to 64 customized Deluxe Lighting Scenes across 256 different house codes. With Scene Lighting, selected lighting loads are programmed to turn ON at desired brightness levels or OFF when required, in either a single room or a group of rooms. Deluxe scenes can include non-scene capable devices for simple ON/OFF control. Lighting Scenes can be preset for home theater viewing, dining, entertaining and a wide range of other activities. Lighting Scenes can be easily changed at any time by pressing the applicable scene button.

Note: please make sure this is the part you need and other parts in your system are fine since this item has been discontinued by the Manufacturer and is not returnable.

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